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    Definition to keep in mind. Affirmation- how to turn your negativity into forms of affirmation which can be positive goals that you technically seek. We tend to learn a lot from other people that we choose to surround our self with, or even the people we look up too. Usually as women when we look up to other women, these women give us a sense of empower because we are able to define something that we wish we could see in our self. Although the major difference between you and them is that they learn to take something that made them feel the weakest at a given point in their…

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    Welcome to Hashtagthiswoman. A focal point where women can reach out to one another through their experiences and guidance. This is where we talk with no filters, and do not promote any form of weight loss J because I am not here to change you. Simply empower you. EMPOWERMENT all the way baby. I won’t do that through pictures in thongs (but shoutout to those women rocking it), but how I will do it is through my words and stories. No subliminal messages since I am not good at picking up on cues. I want women to breathe and live for one another, and speak the real on what is holding us…