Hello, My name is Meriam Wydick and I am the creator behind this blog and movement. I started this because I witnessed that the world we live in doesn’t set the standards of how we should treat each other, and by each other I mean woman. With so many empowerment groups out there, I wanted to create the one group that doesn’t narrow it to a specific type. Instead I wanted to give a platform where we learn to grow and empower each other from every angel that we stand from. I am here to talk about the truth and the facts and let my platform be where your voice is heard. No matter what you are doing and what position you are currently in every part of it matters and it is empowering. Don’t let the standards shaped by the world be the curse for future women, instead lets come together with different mindsets and accept that. But let’s also not forget we have to appreciate and understand each other, otherwise you leave room for a lot of ignorance and no growth.

I am from Morocco, my dad is American, and I claim Morocco because I was born there and left as a child. I had to grow up in two different cultures and recognize the confusion from both. Experiences are the awakening of all six senses, so I believe, and also think people who go through that are the best story tellers. Think about movies that were directed by the person that went through it, those are the most moving and never forgotten films. As I went through events and experiences in life I always wished there was a place to go to where you can talk openly about it and gain the guidance from someone else advice that already went through it. One of the key things for me was that the person had to somewhat be at my level in life where there advice seems feasible for my situation. As we go on in life, a lot of times I feel like those people that gave us that advice don’t get the credit they deserve, or we never run into them again to really say thank you. This platform will help push that thank you a little farther. This will also be the perfect go to resource for you talking and hearing the voices of others that went through the same or similar experience too. If you don’t see it on there, then let me know because we need to be talking about. I want to create the platform where as women we can really learn and understand each other, so we continue to know how to grow and improve our respect towards one another.