Definition to keep in mind.

Affirmation- how to turn your negativity into forms of affirmation which can be positive goals that you technically seek.

  1. We tend to learn a lot from other people that we choose to surround our self with, or even the people we look up too. Usually as women when we look up to other women, these women give us a sense of empower because we are able to define something that we wish we could see in our self. Although the major difference between you and them is that they learn to take something that made them feel the weakest at a given point in their life and they capitalized on it. Now lets not confuse capitalizing as a term of monetary value, because there are plenty of people who do stuff with a passion and believe in it and don’t receive monetary value, but it fulfills the self love that they have for themselves for changing someone else’s life. The point here is that as women, we have created these days filters which are only valid if Snapchat uses them to identify our emotions and vibes. The thing is individuality has no one definition and has no specific filter. Individuality is the fire that breathes within you that you have just not sparked yet. Individuality is the justice that we have within ourselves which we have buried by not receiving the support and minimizing ourselves because we do not compare exactly to our ideal idols. The idea of appreciating our idols is to not be them but to become successful and make our own statement. 
  • Realizing that a lot of people will start changing their actions towards you and around you as you start to grow and focus on what you have set forth in front of you should be expected. As women we do this to each and very quickly. Back stabbing is my main point here and I say this from experience. We as women need to learn to break that habit. This is what killed me as a women working in a workforce, and it is almost as if there is a mean girls club to every corporate world. It was like women were scratching each other up left and right as they seen another make it to her way one step farther. It was like one would crawl all the way to the top and other woman would be waiting right at the corner when no one was looking to basically drag her ass back down because she is moving forward in life. Please stop that and keep that drama to yourself, someone’s success can not and should not always be the reason you find all the flaws in that person to bring them down. If you could only put that much energy into yourself instead of bringing someone else down, imagine what you would have accomplished in that time. Her individuality outshined yours because she learned to not give two fucks. Women need to learn to praise and push forward other women in the workforce. Its unfortunate that we have companies being ran left and right by men, and they think that by giving us 8 weeks maternal leave this is a way of supporting us. They refuse to implore on seeing how to understand women and the nature of us, and they won’t unless we can speak loud and proud for one another. Look at the years of history when women marched together because they agreed they want to work, vote, not shave their legs, or get the same pay as their fellow co-worker who is a male.  They were able to do this because they agreed that this was their definition of individuality and righteous. Now here we are and we don’t know if we truly support or low key and hate on one other. That’s because we no longer have a true meaning behind individuality, we have let society support and create a boring basic filters and use them to bring us to the level of where we feel like we are there for the night or the time the camera is rolling. We need to learn to praise one another, love one another, and when a girl is wearing a tight ass skirt and her hips and curves look good say hell yea sister work it. If a girl has a weave in her hair and I know I couldn’t put a weave in my hair for the life of me because every time I want to my hair is too soft, I praise her because she can do styles I dream of. I love it, the colors without damaging it, the styles, the length and it looks so beautiful. When a girl wears something you could never see yourself in or wearing in public let her know you love the way she is rocking it. These are the things we need to hear from each other, we need to love and appreciate one another and appreciate the individuality we all bring to the table. NOT HATE. Stop hating. When you see that woman rocking it say THIS WOMAN is the woman. I promise, it makes us twerk a little harder, encourage us to step out of our box a little more than we ever thought we could.
  • Fuck those bitches- let me tell you something I didn’t start feeling my individuality until i started voicing my opinion louder, told my crazy boss that you will not talk to me like that, and dressing like the people I admired because they could. We can’t let what other people think is not for us back us out from not trying it. Think about being real with yourself, you control your universe and what you give it, it will give back. Love it, believe in it and yourself.

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